Volac Lamlac Lamb Milk Powder

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Genuine Volac Lamlac is a smooth and creamy milk powder that helps with the binding quality of any base mix while still providing valuable vitamins, minerals.

Lamlac was the first commercially available ewe milk replacer introduced over 45 years ago. Continual development has helped keep Volac Lamlac the UK’s No. 1 ewe milk replacer.

Lamlac is a highly nutritious milk replacer for lambs. Suitable for all foster systems.

How much lamb milk replacer to feed?
Concentration: 200g of Lamlac + 800ml water = 1L of milk*
*Do not add 200g to a full litre of water as this will create 1.2 Litres overall, which will dilute the concentration, the total volume of powder and water together should total a litre.

Day 1-3: 1 litre split into 4-5 feeds
Day 4-7: 1 litre split into 4 feeds
Day 7 to weaning: 1.5 litres split into 4 feeds initially, reducing to two feeds until weaning.
How do I mix the lamb milk replacer correctly?
Use scales to accurately measure out the correct amount of milk powder.
Add half the water (below 45°C) and add all the powder.
Whisk until smooth. Top up with water until you reach the desired volume.
Whisk again.

When can you feed lamb milk replacer?
Lambs can begin being fed milk replacer at around a day old. Newborn lambs should always receive colostrum as soon as possible after birth, preferably within the first 6 hours of life

Protein 24%
Oil 24%
Ash 7%
Fibre 0%

Available in 10kg and 20kg

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