AgriHealth Sheep Marking Fluid – Green – 5ltr

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Introducing AgriHealth Sheep Marking Fluid in Green – the trusted choice for sheep farmers to enhance their sheep marking process. This traditional formulation comes in a convenient 5-liter container, offering long-lasting and highly visible marks for easy identification. Whether you use a branding iron, brush, or stick, applying the fluid is a breeze. Rest assured, the marks are designed to withstand scouring, ensuring lasting identification.

What sets this marking fluid apart is its versatility. Whether applied to wet or dry fleece, it remains effective and can last up to an impressive 12 months. Say goodbye to frequent reapplications and enjoy efficient sheep identification with AgriHealth Sheep Marking Fluid.

Mark your sheep confidently with this reliable, time-tested formulation. Upgrade your sheep marking process and experience the convenience of AgriHealth Sheep Marking Fluid in Green – your solution for long-lasting and visible sheep identification.

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