Alios Express Gas Dehorner c/w 17mm/19mm Tip

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This new dehorner has improved efficiency being lighter and quieter :

Automatic ignition.
Compact, all-metal, no cable, portable, support stand.
Tip temperature will reach 500°C in approximately 160 seconds.
Maximum temperature 590°C (±20°C) in approximately 240 seconds.
±7 seconds per horn bud (no charging time required).
Operating sound level 70 dBA.
Consumption 30g/hr.
1 x 17mm/19mm dehorning tip.
Operating weight 890g (including full gas cartridge).
Safe to use in damp conditions.
Supplied in a hardwearing black metal carrying case.
Each kit contains: Gas Dehorner, 1 gas cartridge (non refillable), spare jet and washer.
A new mix of gas in the cartridge (DI18K) – Butane, Propane and 26% Propene – means the dehorner maintains its temperature better in poor weather conditions.
Top Servicing Tips:

When removing the tip from the head, undo the screw on the head before using the allen key.
Clean head regularly.

DI33A – 17mm Tip
DI33B – 20mm Tip
DI18k – Gas Cartridge
DI32 – Jet and Washer
DI34 – Head Complete
DI15A – Ignitor

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