Pyrex Round Casserole Dish 1.4ltr

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Introducing the Pyrex Round Casserole Dish 1.4ltr, a versatile kitchen essential that unlocks a world of culinary possibilities. From simmering to steaming and roasting, this dish’s lid and steam-trapping design allow for slow and gentle cooking, preserving the flavors of your dishes. Crafted from non-porous borosilicate glass, it ensures no flavor transfer, making it perfect for alternating between sweet and savory creations without any lingering tastes. With side handles for easy handling, this dish can be used in the oven, microwave, and fridge, providing convenience at every step.

Key features:

Convenient side handles for easy transport
Non-porous glass for flavor neutrality
Multi-usage: Oven, microwave, table, and fridge
Enjoy the advantages of Pyrex borosilicate glass:

Withstands extreme temperatures from -40°C to +300°C
Resistant to thermal shock up to 220°C
BPA-free, hygienic material with no retention of stains or odors
Scratch-resistant for long-lasting durability

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