Thompson & Morgan Seed Grow Kit Microgreens Aromatic

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We’ve brought together an aromatic mix of microgreens to bring a taste sensation to your salads, wraps and sandwiches! This flavoursome blend brings together Garlic Chives, Salad Rocket ‘Victoria’, Mustard ‘Red Carpet’, Mizuna ‘Green Mix’ and Perilla/Shiso ‘Red’ delivering on both taste and visual appeal.

Microgreens are eaten as young seedlings prior to the first true leaves forming, when they are full of an intense range of flavours. A quick and easy crop that can be grown all year round indoors or in a warm greenhouse.

This all-in-one growing kit contains everything you will need to grow your own delicious microgreens including biodegradeable growing pots, expandable plugs, labels and snips!

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