Suttons Chilli Pepper Jalapeno

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The unique flavour works perfectly when sliced onto a pizza or to spice up a simple sandwich. When in a green state the Jalapeno is great to eat but becomes a little sweeter when they turn red. Suitable for glasshouse or outdoor production.

Using a good quality, moist seed compost, sow your seeds in a propagator and cover with 6mm compost Place on a windowsill or in a greenhouse at approx. 21-24C to germinate, usually 5-7 days. Transfer seedlings into 7.Scm pots and grow on. Performs great in a large pot on a patio or most productive when grown in a greenhouse. Plant out in a sunny, sheltered position 5Ocm apart after risk of frost has passed. Support your plants as the fruit develops, Feed regularly with a proprietary fertiliser. Pick fruits green or red.
Sowing -> Cropping: 22 Weeks

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