Rock Oil Ambersil 40+ Protective – 500ml

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Discover the ultimate solution in industrial maintenance with the Ambersil 40+ Protective lubricant by Rock Oil. This versatile lubricant serves as a comprehensive treatment against corrosion, water displacement, lubrication, and even light surface rust removal. With an effortless spray, swab, or dip application, it halts the progression of existing corrosion, provides lasting protection against future attacks, and effectively repels ambient moisture.

All-in-One Protection: The Ambersil 40+ Protective lubricant is a versatile tool that addresses multiple needs in one application. Say goodbye to the worries of corrosion, water damage, and rust, and embrace a solution that provides comprehensive protection for your equipment and machinery.

Effective Corrosion Control: Utilizing this industrial-grade lubricant ensures that existing corrosion is stopped in its tracks. Moreover, it establishes a durable barrier against future corrosion attacks, saving you from the hassle of frequent maintenance and replacements.

Effortless Moisture Repellent: With a single application, this lubricant creates a barrier that effectively repels ambient moisture. This feature is especially valuable in environments where moisture can compromise equipment functionality and longevity.

Surface-Friendly: The Rock Oil Ambersil 40+ Protective lubricant is engineered to be safe on most paints, rubbers, and plastics. This compatibility ensures that your equipment’s appearance and functionality remain intact, without the risk of damage.

Non-Conductive: This lubricant boasts a non-conductive film, making it suitable for a range of applications, including those involving electrical equipment. The film forms a protective layer that doesn’t interfere with electrical conductivity, ensuring the safety and integrity of your equipment.

User-Friendly Odour: Unlike many industrial solutions, the Ambersil 40+ Protective lubricant comes with a white spirit odour, making application a more pleasant experience without compromising on effectiveness.

Experience Efficiency and Protection: Elevate your industrial maintenance routine with the Rock Oil Ambersil 40+ Protective – 500ml. This powerful solution brings together corrosion protection, water displacement, and rust removal in one user-friendly application, ensuring your equipment remains efficient and protected.

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