Clipex X Fence Stock Fence XHT8-80-30 100mtr

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An unobtrusive smooth surface X knot greatly reduces the risk of fleece removal or hide damage, ideal for most types of livestock.

X Fence Stock fence is a premium wire netting that will give a very good return on investment. The one piece vertical wire allows you to space intermediate stakes up to 5m apart. Fewer stakes mean less labour which leads to overall savings . The tension curves and the spring like properties of high tensile wire remain taut throughout its life providing an effective, long lasting fence.

The forged X knot provides a stiffstay netting that will virtually stand up on its own. X Fence premium wire netting improves with age. At the sacrificial corrosive stage the X knot coating enables the wire to fuse and the knots become tighter. This gives Xfence real rigidity and strength. Now available in 500m jumbo rolls!

Suitable for: Livestock
Compatible with Clipex posts: Yes – Clipex Standard posts
Overall Height: 80cm / 800mm
No. of line wires: 8
Distance between vertical wires: 30cm / 300mm
Distance between horizontal wires: see mesh pattern above
Wire Gauge 2.5mm alu/zinc coated high tensile wire throughout
Horizontal wires tensile strength: 1235/1550 N/mm²
Vertical wires tensile strength: 850/950 N/mm²
Knot type: X knot
Manufactured to BS EN 10223-5
Exceeds BS EN 10244 Class A
Wire produced to BS 4102

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