Spillers Digest + Conditioning Cubes

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High calorie conditioning cube designed to build condition whilst maintaining a healthy digestive system.
Rich in highly digestible fibre and high in oil to provide slow release energy and reduce the reliance on cereal starch.
Low starch, molasses free with no added sugar reduces the risk of excitability and supports gastric and digestive health.
With pre and probiotics to support a healthy population of good bacteria.
With quality protein to support good muscle tone and topline development.
With added vitamins and minerals to provide a balanced diet every day.

Soya hulls (GM)
Sunflower Extract
Rice Bran
Unmolassed Sugar Beet
Calcium Carbonate
Rapeseed Oil
Vitamin and Mineral Premix
Live Yeast
Please note that we may occasionally make small adjustments to our formulations. Please contact Care-Line for specific advice, especially in relation to allergies.

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