Vidoflex 9 TurboLine Plus – White – 1000m

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Introducing Vidoflex 9 TurboLine Plus – White – 1000m, the ultimate solution for achieving unmatched conductivity and durability in portable fencing, especially for installations that exceed 500 meters. This exceptional fencing wire is designed to outperform with its advanced features and superior construction.

Engineered with 6 stainless steel wires and 3 light metal wires, Vidoflex 9 TurboLine Plus boasts an astonishing 40 times better conductivity compared to standard plastic wire. This ensures optimal energy flow, making it highly efficient for containing and controlling animals within your designated areas.

The TurboLine Plus model takes durability to the next level, offering a remarkable 50% increase in strength. Its construction is meticulously designed to eliminate stretching, guaranteeing a stable and reliable fencing setup over time. Whether it’s tensioned over long distances or subjected to varying weather conditions, you can trust that Vidoflex 9 TurboLine Plus will maintain its integrity.

In addition to its impressive technical features, this wire is highly visible, contributing to better fence visibility for both animals and caretakers. The white color enhances its visibility during day and night, reducing the risk of accidental contact.

Moreover, the braided wire technology employed in TurboLine Plus prevents overstretching, ensuring that your fence remains taut and effective. Its innovative design also prevents twisting or kinking during installation or maintenance, making your fencing tasks efficient and hassle-free.

With Vidoflex 9 TurboLine Plus, you’re not only investing in a highly functional and reliable fencing solution, but you’re also benefiting from its longevity. Backed by a 5-year UV guarantee, you can have peace of mind knowing that this wire is built to withstand the test of time and exposure to the elements.

Upgrade your portable fencing setup with the superior conductivity, durability, and visibility of Vidoflex 9 TurboLine Plus. This fencing wire is not just a product; it’s a testament to quality engineering and innovation, ensuring that your fencing needs are met and exceeded.

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