Shoof Mastitis Test Paddle X-spurt

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The Shoof Mastitis Test Paddle X-Spurt is an essential tool for detecting subclinical mastitis in cattle as part of the California Milk Test (CMT). This convenient test paddle is divided into four wells, making it easy to narrow down which udder is infected when used in combination with CMT fluid. The handle of the test paddle holds the CMT fluid, and when squeezed, equal portions of the fluid are dispensed into each well, making the test cleaner and quicker to administer.

The California Milk Test is a widely used method for estimating the somatic cell count of milk to detect subclinical mastitis in cattle. When infected milk comes into contact with the specially formulated solution on the test paddle, a chemical reaction occurs, causing the milk to coagulate and turn into a jelly-like substance. The thickness of the jelly-like substance indicates the severity of the infection, with a higher somatic cell count resulting in a thicker reaction.

Carrying out a California Milk Test is easy and can be done in three simple steps. First, discard the first three or four squirts of milk from each teat. Then, collect three squirts of milk from each teat into corresponding wells of the paddle. Next, add an equal amount of CMT Fluid to each well, swirl and mix gently for ten seconds. Finally, after 20 seconds, record the consistency of the milk, ranging from no change to solid, to determine the somatic cell count.

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