Felix Kitten Pouch Mixed Chicken Selection in Jelly 12 x 100g

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Give your adorable little furball the purr-fect start in life with Felix Kitten Pouch Mixed Chicken Selection in Jelly. This carefully crafted assortment offers a delightful variety of 100g pouches, specially designed to cater to the unique needs of growing kittens.

Your curious kitten will be treated to a palate-pleasing experience with the following flavors:

Every pouch is thoughtfully prepared to ensure your little feline friend receives the essential nutrients vital for healthy development. The succulent jelly adds an extra touch of indulgence, making mealtime a joyful occasion for your playful and growing kitten.

With 12 pouches in each pack, you can rest assured your kitten will be treated to a delightful variety, helping them discover their favorite flavors. Watch as they eagerly anticipate mealtime, and enjoy seeing their happy little purrs and playful antics after savoring each delicious bite.

Give your growing kitten the nourishment they need and the taste they crave with Felix Kitten Pouch Mixed Chicken Selection in Jelly, because every kitten deserves the best start in life.

3x with Chicken: Tender chicken pieces in luscious jelly for a protein-rich delight.
3x with Cod: Irresistible cod in succulent jelly, packed with omega-3 fatty acids for a healthy coat and skin.
3x with Lamb: Nutrient-rich lamb in delightful jelly to support their active growth.
3x with Plaice: Delicate plaice in mouthwatering jelly, providing essential vitamins and minerals.

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