From the creator, developer and dairy farmer designer:

Here we are today with a beautifully constructed garment with the New Farmers of today being first and foremost the inspiration.
You see the farming community is very driven. We love to see progress and help each other to succeed. If we see a problem we tackle it head on and make changes for a lasting future,  just like the WaWets brand.
We will continue to introduce new agri wear pieces to the collection, alway with the aim to inspire, progress and succeed in our everyday life.
Our family dog Missy has been the inspiration behind the WAWETS logo. Missy is a sweet natured Newfoundland dog and just like the WAWETS brand she is strong and her natural instincts are to protect.
She has a double waterproof coat which protects and makes her resilient from our wet climate here in Ireland. Just like WAWETS she is built to protect.