Suttons Seed Tape Carrot Amsterdam

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Amsterdam Forcing 3 is a carrot with a superb taste that can be grown in tubs, raised beds or borders. Harvest from small finger size or wait until they’re bigger. Can be sown under glass or in succession outdoors for small, succulent roots.

How to Grow
1 Choose a sunny spot in the garden with weed-free soil. Dig and rake thesoil to a fine crumbly surface.
2 Using the corner of a hoe or rake draw a groove into moist soil.
3 Gently separate tapes and roll out along the groove.
4 Cover with 1cm of soil and keep moist.
5 If required, thin seedlings to around 5cm spacings at baby carrot size, using thinnings for cooking or raw into salads.
If growing more than one row, allow 30cm between rows.
Pick continuously to promote fresh growth.
Remember, you can cut the tape to suit row length.

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