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At NAW, they keep it simple because they know your dog likes it that way. Ever noticed how your furry friend relishes a hair in their food? Well, that’s their version of a culinary masterpiece!
NAW protein-packed off-cuts are the straightforward, guilt free treats your dog craves. A high value reward straight from you.
No additives? Absolutely not! NAW products are free-range, 100% authentic, and easy on your pup’s stomach.
Trust us, these are the chews they’d choose. Choose NAW for canine treats that are as no-nonsense as your furry friend.

£4.16 £3.75 ex VAT
£4.99 £4.50 inc VAT
£4.58 £3.75 ex VAT
£5.49 £4.50 inc VAT
£4.99 £4.50 ex VAT
£5.99 £5.40 inc VAT
£5.41 £4.79 ex VAT
£6.49 £5.75 inc VAT

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