Water Troughs

Water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to drink’…..an old saying but still very relevant. We all have water available whether it be mains or borehole, but in these hot days, have your livestock got enough flow of water in big enough throughs to allow all cattle to drink every hour? Please allow us to help calculate trough size and flow requirements for your stock. This really applies to both grazing and housed situations and is one of the first limiting factors on performance.


As you start to plan for next winter, please consider ventilation and draught exclusion. We can help plan your air flow control for any building using pressurised ventilation tubes and Galebreaker wind breaks.

Animal Health

Another key area for overall cattle and sheep health is control of flies. Many of you have used our Flectron fly tags to great effect with first year grazers. Please now consider for cows and calves. A simple dose of 10ml SpotOn will give 8 weeks cover taking us into September. It is surprising how much loss of performance can be attributed to flies and with the situation in sheep giving rise to fly strike, now is the time to treat all sheep with Clik or Ectofly. Click Extra gives eighteen weeks cover and Clikzin is more applicable to growing lambs, giving eighteen weeks cover with only 7 days withdrawal.

Foot health

One other product which has really helped many customers is the JFC Footmate. A cleverly designed mat which fits perfectly in a mobile race and treats sheep feet as they walk over it. This is ideal for footbathing sheep on off ground, as sheep are quite happy to walk over the spongey mat and the system uses very little formation or any other liquid foot dip product.

For more information and advice, please speak to our fully trained RAMA staff.

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