Heygates Micronised Cooked Flaked Barley 20kg

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Introducing Heygates Micronised Cooked Flaked Barley 20kg, a premium choice for your horse’s nutrition. This traditional flaked barley is carefully steam-cooked to perfection, enhancing its palatability and making it easy to digest. As a key ingredient in Heygates’ coarse mixtures, it plays a vital role in promoting healthy weight gain and improving overall condition in horses.

With Heygates Micronised Cooked Flaked Barley, you can be assured that your horse is receiving the best nutrition possible. Its superior digestibility ensures that valuable nutrients are efficiently absorbed, supporting your horse’s well-being and vitality. Whether your horse needs to gain weight or maintain optimal condition, this nutrient-rich barley is a smart choice.

Crafted with expertise and care, Heygates Micronised Cooked Flaked Barley offers the perfect balance of taste and nutrition, enticing your horse’s taste buds while providing essential nourishment. Make a wise investment in your horse’s health with this top-quality flaked barley, trusted by equestrians and horse lovers alike. Experience the difference it brings to your horse’s diet and overall performance.

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