Baileys No.8 Meadowsweet With Turmeric 20kg

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Introducing Baileys No.8 Meadowsweet With Turmeric 20kg – a uniquely healthy, low-starch blend carefully formulated to cater to specific horse needs. This feed is ideal for horses with low to moderate calorie requirements, as well as those requiring a low-starch diet. It is a perfect choice for leisure horses with sensitive digestive systems and older horses in need of turmeric supplementation.

Meadow Sweet with Turmeric is a complete and balanced diet that promotes overall well-being. With low starch and low sugar content, it is suitable for horses prone to laminitis and those with excitable temperaments. The high-fibre composition supports digestive health, and the inclusion of TurmerAid complete turmeric supplement contributes to joint health and natural defense mechanisms.

This feed provides moderate calorie levels, making it suitable for horses engaged in up to medium work, while helping maintain optimal condition and a calm temperament. It contains a blend of fibre sources, including Baileys Light Chaff, and is free from whole cereal flakes and molasses. A light coating of honey adds low levels of natural prebiotic sugars, and a hint of mint enhances palatability for even the pickiest eaters.

With Baileys No.8 Meadowsweet With Turmeric 20kg, you can be confident that your horse is receiving a well-balanced and nutritionally supportive diet. Keep your equine companion healthy and happy with this specially designed feed.

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