We provide a range of quality, animal feeds and farming consumables to customers throughout the country.  

We recognise that our products and processes impact on the environment and we are committed to reducing significant negative impacts where possible and also aim to improve the environment in which we live and work.”

We have assessed our business activities and consider our main environmental issues to be:

  • The consumption of kerosene, diesel & derv
  •  The consumption of electricity
  •  Transporting our goods
  •  Sourcing of our ingredients and products

Harper’s Home Mix Ltd is committed to:

  •  Compliance with relevant environmental legislation and other requirements relating to our business activities.
  • Using processes and practices to prevent pollution.
  • Reducing energy use through better management and monitoring.
  • Sourcing our ingredients and farming products from more sustainable sources where reasonably practical
  • Informing our customers of more environmentally sensitive products & practices
  • The training and education of our staff and people working on behalf of the company to enable our environmental objectives to be achieved.
  • Continual improvement in the management of our environmental impacts

We will manage our environmental commitment through our environmental management system, adhering to ISO14001, and by making the people who work for us aware of their impacts and responsibilities.

Signed By

Position/Title: Managing Director

Date:  18/06/20