Harbour Ruff and Tumble Design Collection Drying Coats

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Ruff and Tumble’s new design collection of their Dog Drying Coats adds a fashionable twist to your dog’s drying routine! They are custom dyed in a wide variety of unique colours, which makes the Design Collection stand out compared to Ruff and Tumble’s Regular Dog Drying Coats, and brings dog drying to a new level of style!

These newly designed dog drying coats are made from highly durable cotton in a double layer of towelling, which is soft & absorbent. They easily absorb all the moisture and wet dog smell from your pooch without restricting their movement, which makes them perfect for use after a walk in the rain or a swim in the sea! 
Ruff and Tumbles Dog Drying Coats are also fantastic at calming a shaken-up dog, which makes them perfect for bonfire night.

Ruff and Tumble’s dog coats have a wide variety of use cases for all different times of the year; they can warm the dog in the winter and be used to cool them during the summer by drenching the coat in cold water!


Extra-long Hood: Includes an extra long hood for neck and ear drying.
Easy & Comfortable: Easy to slide over your dog and secure with Velcro straps and made from soft cotton.
Simple Washing: Can be easily washed in your washing machine or by hand.
Size Variety: The Design Collection Dog Drying Coats come in a wide variety of sizes to fit even the smallest and largest of dogs.
UK Design: Designed in the United Kingdom by Ruff and Tumble.

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